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The CrossFit Games Open has returned and with it the NEW CrossFit Mt. Lebanon Intramural Open.  The Intramural Open is designed to get everybody involved and keep the spirit high over the course of the 5 week Open.

How does it work?
Here is a description of how this event will run.

1. Gym members get themselves registered for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open as a member of CrossFit Mt. Lebanon.  Go to games.crossfit.com to get yourself signed up, being sure to choose CrossFit Mt. Lebanon as your affiliate.

2. Team Captains up to 10  CFMTL Intramural teams will be selected and will have a team draft. No one will know the order or order list of the draft except the TEAM Captains

3. Captains will have the opportunity to recruit additional members to their team from those gym members who are not yet registered for the Open up until the first WOD is announced on Thursday, Feb 25th at 9pm.  Recruits must be “signed” in on our TEAM LIST BOARD by the captain (as well as be signed up on crossfit.games.com)… Recruitment is key as most points will be earned by simply participating….


Earning Team Points

Teams members will then participate in the CrossFit Open and have an opportunity to

earn points for their Intramural Open team in a number of ways.  They are as follows.

  1. (+1) Each team member that completes an Open WOD and has their score validated will earn a point for their teams total.
  2. (+1) The top three male and female RX scores for each week will earn an additional points for their team total. (1st place male and female 7 points, 2nd place male and female 5 points, 3rd place male and female 3 points)
  3. (+1) The top three male and female SCALED scores for each week will earn an additional points for their team total. (1st place male and female 7 points, 2nd place male and female 5 points, 3rd place male and female 3 points)
  4. (+1) The top three male and female MASTERS scores for each week will earn an additional points for their team total. (1st place male and female 7 points, 2nd place male and female 5 points, 3rd place male and female 3 point) — all masters divisions are clumped together!
  5. (+5)  The team that is deemed to have shown the most spirit at the first and last “Friday Night Lights” throwdowns will earn 5 bonus points.
  6. (+2/+1) Athletes who challenge an athlete from another team to compete in a head-to-head throwdown (limited spaces available) on Friday night during the “Friday Night Lights” throwdowns will earn their team an extra 2 points for a win, 1 extra point will be earned for a loss.
  7. (+5) Special bonus points for:
    5 points for everyone uploading their score into the GAMES SITE
    10 points for a PARTIAL TEAM SOCIAL MEDIA PICTURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA  (at least half of members)
    15 points for A FULL TEAM SOCIAL MEDIA PICTURE (everyone must be in picture)

Friday Night Lights!

To get a spot in a Friday Night Lights throwdown your team captain must submit a request for your challenge prior to midnight on each Thursday night during the games.  There will be approximately 5 throwdown workout heats each week.  We will try and award spaces for athletes from each team to participate when possible in order to keep things fair.  Your challenge should include:

1. The competitor from your team who is putting out the challenge
2. The athlete you are challenging
3.  Confirmation of your athletes availability at any time between 6pm and 8pm on Friday evening.

At the end of the Open we will host a big party at the gym and the team with the highest points total will earn all the bragging rights and will be awarded cool prizes.  We are going to work on the details of this event as it goes and hopefully we can have some other fun things to do or give out as extras for those who participate.

Gym Schedule
We encourage everyone to do the open on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, however the work out on that friday will be the “open workout” or a version of  all day. There will be no evening classes on friday nights. You can do the open on Saturday morning in the back room or Sunday open gym (2:30- 4:30). When the gym is not open (and mecka is) you do not have access to the gym. A Certified CROSSFIT COACH must always be on shift for you to work out.

You can perform the Open WOD during any regular class as long as YOU HAVE ORGANIZED for somebody else to be there to judge you and as long as space and equipment permits.  Organizing your judge will not be the class coach’s responsibility


Dynamic Duo Competition

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1. 5 Minutes on Rower or Bike at moderate pace
2. Couch stretch, 2:30 each side
3. 6 Minute AMRAP: (Moderate pace)
10 Air Squats
10 Cossack Squats
10 AKBS (moderate weight)
4. With a barbell, 2-3 Rounds
8 Back Squats 8 Deadlifts 8 Front Squats :30s Plank Hold


1 Score for the week Score 1 = Total Reps for entire team

RX = 1 point per rep of FRONT SQUATS , KB SWINGS and CALS on ROWER

SCALED = 1 point CAL on ROWER
.6 per rep of FRONT SQUATS and KB SWINGS



(recommended but not mandatory)


Teams may have 2 different bars, and 2 different KBs, but must share 1 rower.

One person works for the entire 2:00 while the other rests for the entire 2:00, then athletes switch.

The following is allowed for Front Squats: Squat clean first rep “Cross” grip on the bar

The following standard muat be met for the RKBS: KB must reach eye level

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Custom Mobility Assessment & Programming

Assessments are booked in 15 minute increments however are 30 minutes or longer in duration.

The $50 fee includes:
-Complete Movement Assessment
-Technique Accelerator
-4 weeks of custom mobility programming via FITBOT
-4 weeks of interactive on-line support
4 30 minute Normatec recovery boot sessions


KICKBALL- Pittsburgh CrossFit Community Day

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SAKT-2013Coach Suzy and our friends at CrossFit Iron City  thought it would be really fun to get everyone in the Pittsburgh CF community together and have a community day. We never all get together outside of the competitions held around the city and we thought this would be a fun way to bring our at-large CF community together and have fun without the pressures of working out!

We have rented a baseball field at North Park and we are going to play kickball and grill out and of course have beers and other adult beverages! You do not have to play kickball to attend and of course friends, family, and furkids are always welcome!

Hope everyone can make it!!!


you can Contact Suzy for more details or check out the Facebook EVENT Page by clicking here






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CFMTL is celebrating 3 years of WODDING with a FUN night at the POOL

    • WHO- ALL member of CFMTL and their FAMILIES (baby pool, slide, diving board and LIFEGUARDS will be on duty)
    • WHAT- We will provide the fun, MAIN DISH and some ice cold beverages. You can BRING a (side dish if your last night starts with A-M or a Dessert if your last name starts with N-Z) and also any special beverages that you enjoy
    • WHERE- BOWER Hill Pool- 1600 Bower Hill Rd

  • WHEN- FRIDAY August 19th  6:30- ???


We will be having a fun PARTNER/TEAM WOD that will include the water, so grab a partner of any sort and then 321GO!

There will also be volleyball, MUSIC, and games for the kids!

THERE WILL BE NO EVENING CLASSES on AUGUST 19th so come and get your workout on with us.

IMG_1777you can RSVP by checking into the 6:30 pm WORKOUT on WODIFY…. thanks

PS. you don’t have to swim or wear a swimsuit to attend and have fun

Lurong Living Challenge Fall 2016

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We are doing the 2016 Lurong Living Championship Challenge!

If you are looking to make some serious improvements to your diet and fitness so you can achieve your goals, this is your answer. We will be forming a team to work together and even compete against boxes across the country. Everyone can contribute, so we want everyone to make the commitment now.

What is really cool about this Challenge is that everything is tracked on the site. All the points you earn will benefit our team. You get to see exactly how much you improve your body composition and performance. There are 3 diet and workout skill levels, so nobody has an excuse to sit this one out!

affkit-coming-soonIt comes with a weekly week meal plan, recipe book, and tons of online support. Bottom line, we want everyone to get involved and do it together. You can compete for the team and as an individual at the same time, so there is something for everyone. It will be an experience they won’t forget!

Mind Mending Body….. Body Mending Mind

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I’m Deb Warren, a Bootcamper since January. Coach Carrie has asked me to share my complex story about what brought me to CrossFit.

I loved my grandfather. He must have known I was going to be the proverbial “work-in progress.” From the time I was 12, he started giving me a collection of books. Genres ranged wildly. From feminism, ESP, memory techniques and the “Power of Positive Thinking” to advertising, business, self-help—and yes, body building, with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, after I gained my freshman 20. deb

The book he didn’t give me, however, was the “How to Beat Incurable Cancer” book. So I’ve had to apply all those other lessons my Grampa taught me. But how on earth did he know that all of these other topics would touch my life?

I more than dabbled in every bit of it. (Except for the one where I use weights and sweat, until now.) For decades, I’ve worked in advertising, learned to trust my intuition, vacillated between thinking I was Wonder Woman and thinking I needed a shrink. I’ve studied yoga, the mind-body connection, “The Secret” and all things metaphysical.

And over and over, I’ve read about the timeless wisdom of the body and how it innately wants to heal itself. I’ve also come to believe that we can bring about what we think about—how FEAR invites NEGATIVITY and how LOVE, gratitude and compassion invite POSITIVITY.

May marks my 5-year “cancer-versary.” 

So I’m celebrating life and my cancer with gratitude! Yes, I have an incurable blood cancer called SLL/CLL—with a nasty mutation (17p deletion) that will not respond to conventional treatments like chemo. But cancer doesn’t HAVE me, OWN me or DEFINE me. In fact, it’s probably the best thing that could ever have happened to me at this juncture.

As trite as it sounds, cancer has bestowed upon me a deeper opportunity to practice mindfulness and gratitude. I appreciate every day, every moment and every person who touches my life.

But after diagnosis, I didn’t completely come out of the closet with my illness. I had a 7-year-old daughter I wanted to protect from the “C” word. I made my confidants promise not to ask or talk about it in front of ANY children. I was on “watch and wait” status, meaning no treatment. As long as that was the case, there was no need to alarm anyone. For several years, I just had regular blood work to monitor disease progression. Things seemed to be going well.

Here comes the cancer coaster.

Last summer, when Zoe was 11, we had a huge health scare that forced us to tell her what was going on. Jake and I went to a CLL expert at The James Cancer Center at OSU for what we thought was a just a consult to inform us of new treatment options, if needed. (I always say “if” not “when” because the word “when” implies a sort of inevitability I won’t buy into.)

Alarmed at the size and nature of some recently-developed neck nodes, the OSU expert asked if I could stay for a PET scan. “What?” Jake and I were shocked. The doctor was concerned that I might have developed a new lymphoma on top of the CLL, or even worse, the deadly Richter’s Transformation. That entire week was filled with sleepovers for Zoe as we made trips back and forth to Ohio for blood work, a PET scan and a lymph node biopsy.  A sleepless week later, we got GOOD news! It was just more aggressive CLL that still didn’t warrant treatment/clinical trial. A few months later, the FDA fast-tracked approval for a breakthrough therapy we had been waiting for, an oral drug that offers patients like me hope, should the need arise. We felt such relief!

My local oncologist is surprised that I haven’t needed that drug yet. Statistically speaking, people with 17p are gone within a year of diagnosis. Last September, my doc said, (and I quote) “Deb, you should be dead by now. But look at you! You are doing so well!”

That comment was a life-changer.

So…do you take the “you-should-be-dead-by-now” comment as a compliment or an omen? As I wondered whether to thank my doc or smack him (verbally, of course) for planting the death idea in my brain, I found myself doing some serious self-inquiry. I reduced my hours at work, giving myself time for other priorities, at the expense of my finances and my Anthropology fashion fix.

Although I’ve always been a positive person, I’ve kicked that attitude into higher gear by envisioning my future—a long one, with purpose and gratitude—as if it’s a forgone conclusion. I do visualizations and occasional Reiki, which my doctor and I believe has helped. But I felt I had to do more. I had to back up my BELIEF in my continued health with ACTION—to show my body and the Universe (believing in assistance from above) that I love myself enough to take more control of my life.

So, although I’m not a runner, I joined The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. My big goals were to GET MY BUTT IN SHAPE and RAISE FUNDS for LLS, whose very mission it is to fund the clinical trials that develop new therapies for blood cancer patients like me.

Serendipitously, I saw a Facebook post about CrossFit’s new BootCamp, coached by Carrie. That was it! Cross training! I thought, “I’m in. I’m scared. I’m intimidated. But I’m in!” And while I found every excuse in the book not to run during the harsh winter temps, I showed up for BootCamp #1, then #2 and now #3.

And a funny thing happened on the way to the ½ Marathon!

I discovered that I LOVE working out! I love/hate the intense burn, but then it’s over! I’m hooked. I’m stronger, more toned and more confident. And magically, this intense exercise gives me more positivity and energy like I’ve never had before. It carries me throughout the day, allowing me to be more focused and productive. It’s like the 1-hour I invest in each BootCamp class gives me an extra 2-3 hours of daily physical and mental productivity.

I’m using some of that excess energy to drum up LLS donations and to pay it forward by helping family and friends in need. I’ve been on the receiving end of so much love and support through my journey that I feel…worthy, and therefore responsible for helping others feel worthy, too. Helping people fuels me like another form of alternative medicine. It feels like a beautiful spark of energy, begging to turn into a flame. I guess my cancer story is part of my path—which it was meant to be. It’s humbled me. It’s awakened me. It’s challenged me to become a better person.

So, I’m inspired to help people understand that…

Life isn’t what happens to you. It’s what you make of yourself, in spite of it.

When bad things happen, there is often a silver lining. I choose to focus on the good stuff, set goals, lean into the wind and let it carry me. I made it my goal to be the #1 fundraiser for Team in Training. And thanks to the generosity of so many people, I am doing my part to help save lives.

And thanks to CrossFit, I am boosting my immune system—while elevating my outlook even more. To say that it’s been a “transformational experience” is an understatement!

At my 3-month checkup last week, my doctor reported, “Deb, your blood work is better today than in January. And your lymph nodes have gone down since then, too.” (HA! The new thing I added to my positivity toolbox in January was CrossFit!) My doctor half-jokingly said, “Deb, you can’t keep this stuff secret. You should share your magic with others.” So that’s the plan.

But, full disclosure: I’m a cheater.

Last Saturday, after 3 months of avoiding the group runs with Team in Training, I decided it was now or never. Their plan was 10 miles. I put my fears aside and showed up. I introduced myself, saying, “I won’t be able to go all 10 miles with you. I’ve never done more than 6-7.”

They replied, “Oh! You’re Deb Warren. You are kicking fundraising butt. What’s your secret?” I emphatically said, “I CHEAT. I have blood cancer.” They realized it was ok to laugh with me. After chatting, it was time to run. Luckily, there was a Galloway runner in the group. I tried it and found this run-walk-run method quite manageable. I went the distance—all 10 miles. Holy cow! I was shocked. I was proud and so grateful. I wanted to show up at Carrie’s house and give her a big, sweaty hug.

I totally credit my months of BootCamp for this accomplishment! While I hadn’t been running regularly until a couple of weeks ago, my CrossFit training is what gave this former couch potato the strength and endurance to blow away my own preconceived notions about what I could and couldn’t do.

When the mind and body are aligned, amazing things can happen!

I believe that you are your own spark—your own light to share with the world. You can assist in your own healing. You can help create your own future by expecting good things—and allowing your mind to overcome the naysayers and your own self-doubt. By not dwelling on what’s already happened (since you can’t change it anyway) you can envision a new life.

Finally caring enough about myself to exercise is the metaphorical equivalent of putting the airplane oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. I need to be at my absolute healthiest in order to be there for others, especially our daughter, Zoe. By watching me reach my goals, I hope she will get a deeper sense for what it means take care of her own mind and body, have gratitude, a sense of purpose—and go for it!

So, on Sunday, May 3rd, with Team in Training, I am literally RUNNING FOR MY LIFE—and the lives of 1.1 million Americans (like me) with blood cancer. 

(P.S. Hey Grampa – I’m sweating now. But I’ll NEVER sweat the big stuff! XOXO)

Gymnastics Clinic with Rupert

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Progressive Gymnastics Development Clinic for CF Athletes

Register Here

Fundamental Positions:

Highlight the fundamental body positions in gymnastics as well as the most effective methods for developing them

Explain how these positions transfer directly to improved technique in common Crossfit movements as well as their transference to other aspects of Crossfit

Gymnastics-based mobility and basic tumbling:

  • Highlight the unique and effective way that gymnastics training methods can help develop whole body flexibility, stability, and control
  • Wrist mobility
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Basic tumbling elements (primarily rolls)
  • Mastery of these elements ensures that training development is safe and effectiveHandstand Development:
  • Accessible and progressive development of handstand based skills
  • Handstands holds
  • Handstand walks
  • Handstand push ups


  • Strength development utilizing P. bars
  • Technique and drill work for skill development Rings:
  • Strength development utilizing Rings
  • Technique and drill work for skill development
  • Swinging skills
  • Muscle up technique work
  • Back uprise technique work (potentially)Bar:
  • Strength development utilizing Bars
  • Technique and drill work for skill development
  • Toes to bar techniques
  • Pull up techniques
  • Bar muscle up / kip technique



4 hours (includes 15 min break)

Time for questions at the end

Register Here

Paleo Cooking Seminar with PALEO NICK

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Join ​Nick ​of ​PaleoNick.com ​for ​a ​Nutrition ​Lecture ​and ​Hands-On ​Cooking ​Seminar. ​
The ​event ​will ​take ​place here ​at ​CrossFit ​Mt. ​Lebanon.

​The ​day ​will ​start ​with ​a ​nutrition ​lecture ​and ​Q&A. ​We’ll ​break ​for ​lunch ​(included) ​and ​then ​get ​our ​hands ​dirty ​in ​the ​kitchen ​preparing ​two ​Paleo/Zone ​meals ​under ​Nick’s ​guidance. ​

Each ​attendee ​will ​take ​home ​10-15 ​meals. ​Sign ​up ​today ​and ​take ​your ​first ​step ​toward ​becoming ​a ​Culinary ​Ninja!



Sign up by clicking below


Saturday June 13

Sunday June 14