Teaching form and technique with
basic CrossFit movements and lifts. Next Session starts July 17th 7:30 pm

What is Crossfit Prep

Ready to get started with CrossFit? To prepare you and keep you safe, we’ve designed our CFMTL Prep Class. The Prep Class provides you with 8 sessions, over the course of 2 weeks, which will focus on teaching form and technique with basic CrossFit movements and lifts. The purpose is to get you orientated to and staying safe while working with the bar. We firmly believe our incremental process of introducing new comers to CrossFit produces the best and safest athletes.


How Does It Work?

CrossFit is infinitely scalable and the intensity is up to you. This is not the military. Our goal in onboarding is to educate you first, then challenge you to push past physical boundaries. Anyone can do CrossFit, but it’s not for everyone. You, the athlete, have to be ready to change your perceptions of exercise and be ready to drastically improve your fitness all while becoming a member of an amazing community.

Our primary onboarding option is a group program that consists of eight hour-long sessions spread out over two weeks and usually consists of 6 or fewer people. We meet at 7:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Getting Started

1. Come to a free class!. Saturday mornings at 9:00 am or  a one on one Introductory Session.  Reserve your spot in our free class by clicking  HERE

2. Sign Up for Crossfit Prep. You do not need to attend the Free Class to sign-up for Crossfit Prep and get started. CrossFit Prep is a eight night intro course that teaches you all the basics ensuring safety and fun. To reserve your spot for a CrossFit Prep Class please click the box below. THE NEXT ONE STARTS July 17th at 7:30 pm

3. Can’t Make the Prep class? No worries, we can have you work with one of our coaches ONE on ONE in a 90 minute prep class. Learn everything you would have in the 2 week course and be ready to join the regular classes the next day! Email to schedule when you are available.



$ Free

One Time


$ 75

One Time