IMG_0628What was your fitness like before you came to CrossFit Mt. Lebanon?

Regular Gym a couple times a week. No improvement whatsoever.

How long have you been working out with us and how did you get into it?

About four months now. I found out about CFML through a good friend who invited me to a community class. Then, after a few months I joined the prep class, but I couldn’t enroll due to my work schedule. Then a few months later I made the decision to join and here I am.

What were your thoughts after your first workout here?

It was something that I have never experienced before. I thought that this was one of the best experiences I had had in a long time. Not just for the extreme work for my body, but also for my mind and the feeling of accomplishment. Every day that I go to Crossfit I experience the same feelings I had after my first workout here. I usually don’t review the WOD in advance, and I just show up. It is fun because I never know what is gonna happen. Therefore, it is always like my first time there.

What were your goals when joining us?

Being more active, and getting healthier…

Since joining what physical and mental transformations have you made? Tell us about that.

Since I started I have noticed big changes in my strength and endurance. When I started I barely could lift the 45 Lb bar. Now I can do much more than that. Before I couldn’t squat and felt embarrassed about that, but my legs were not flexible enough to do that. Now IIMG_0594 can almost squat! The most substantial transformation has been a mental transformation, I discovered that I am able to do things that I never imagine I could do at any age. I have become very competitive against myself, and I challenge myself to do a little more every day. I feel very energetic all the time! I also feel happier doing something that gives me so many rewards, and by being surrounded by a group of people that have taught me about discipline and hard work.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey? Biggest obstacles?

To make time for it. It is difficult to make time for a hobby when you have work to do, meetings or events to attend. So, instead of seeing Crossfit as a hobby I see it as part of my life and something that I have to do. I live about 35 to 40 minutes from CFML, but I know that CFML is the best box in Pittsburgh, so I don’t mind to drive there every day. It is worth it!!!

What advice would you give someone looking to start a similar journey?

Don’t be afraid to start! Your level of fitness doesn’t matter, your age doesn’t matter, your weight doesn’t matter. You will get there and the community will be there for you.

Favorite WOD/Workout Least Favorite WOD/Workout:

Favorite: pull ups, push ups, partner WODs. Least Favorite WOD: bear crawls, burpees

IMG_0649Something no one at the gym knows about you?

I enjoy Salsa dancing.

Knowing how far you’ve come, if you could give your past self-advice, what would it be?

Be more disciplined!

Do you look up to any particular athlete at the gym?

Too many, but I would say Ricky. I think he is a very talented young man that works really hard for his goals. He is very driven and optimistic and I admire that in a very young person.

IMG_0629How do you feel about the coaching staff here? Who has inspired you the most?

Overall the coaches have been amazing. They have been patient when my body and my mind are not connected and have difficulties performing a movement. All of them have taken the time to show me proper form and technique, during and after the sessions. If I had to choose someone it would be John, he is a tough coach. He is always pushing me to improve my form and it is something that I really appreciate. I know that he does that because he cares.