What was your fitness like before coming to CrossFit Mt. Lebanon?

Fairly nonexistent. Those curls in the weight room only get you so far.

How long have you been working out with us and how did you get into it?

I started poking my head in around Thanksgiving last year. Started hitting it heavy a few weeks before the Open. My buddy was a member down St. Clair and would nudge me sometimes. I kept saying “no i’m not trying to be a SEAL, take your cult shit and beat it” or something to that effect. Eventually I emailed Kevin and did a 1 on 1 for 90 minutes. I knew things needed to change. I was 30 years old and tired all the time, dadbod was creeping in, and I had little aches everywhere. I needed to get better for myself and my family.

What were your thoughts after your first workout here?

“Yikes, it’s worse than i thought.” Kevin’s mini metcon was hard, then my first class with Carrie had 100M of lunges and bear crawls each. On the way out of the gym to my car, I stopped on St. Bernard’s front steps and lay down for 10 minutes trying not to throw up. I couldn’t walk for 4 days.

What were your goals when joining us?

Give it 2 good months before making any decisions. I wanted to get in shape physically and challenge myself. I wanted to get my blood flowing, yell, and meet a few good souls.

28526113492_b7d2f057c0_kSince joining what physical and mental transformations have you made? Tell us about that.

I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been. My body’s come a long way too, still work to be done. I can’t believe how far I’ve come because of Crossfit in the last few months. And then the mental aspect is really something. Metcon after metcon, when you hit the “suck” and you stop and break, you get used to that. Once you finally say to yourself “screw it, pick the bar back up” or jump back on the rig, or dig out 5 more cals when you would normally rest, and you realize your body actually listens and goes against what your mind is telling you, it’s special. You can easily apply that dig to other aspects of your life.

What inspired you to make such a drastic change to get healthier? What or who was the biggest motivator?

My biggest motivator was myself. For me that’s how it needed to be. But whatever it takes, wherever someone else needs to look to find it, just find it, embrace, and move your ass.

28632883285_bb8e0d82e1_kWhat has been the most challenging part of your journey? Biggest obstacles?

Patience. When you get your ass kicked on a daily basis you need to really understand humility and patience. I expect myself to be great and it just doesn’t come that quickly. People work hard for a long time at this, there are no short cuts. I had to take a breath and a step back and realize you don’t just jump on the rings and muscle up, or clean 250 when your strength and form are in dire need of work.

What changes have you made to your daily life, diet & workout routine that have been the most successful for you?

Well I lost 8 pounds since hockey playoffs, so I’d say cutting booze has been big. Though as I type this I’m having a drink but hey, c’est la vie. Nothing fancy, I try to prioritize doing some kind of workout at least 5 days a week even if a little sore (i’m sure we’re all sore all the time). I stretch more now too. And watch that bread.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a similar journey?

Just start. You will undoubtedly wish you started sooner.

28016445963_a5f65d00b0_kFavorite WOD -Least Favorite WOD:

Fav: anytime I can pull, ropes, BMUs, etc. Least Fav: 14.5/16.5. why would I try to RX?

Favorite Lift/ Least Favorite Lift

fav-cleans / least fav-snatch. any successful snatch is lucky for me.

Something no one at the gym knows about you.

I have a professional engineer’s license that I’ve never used and don’t intend to. And I used to be a freak foosball player. 2005 Cambria County champ boi!

When you’re not here, where are we most likely to find you?

Changing diapers at home. Maybe sneaking out and 28016437643_1a9cf2225c_kplaying 9 with Coach Terry Warren at the historic Mt. Lebanon Golf Course.

Favorite healthy snack

Is there such a thing? Scotch? Wait, no I’m doing it wrong. Kale.

Do you look up to any particular athlete at the gym?

Honestly there’s too many to name. So many studs up there. Fun to chase. Tim B, where did that damn engine come from?

How do you feel about the coaching staff here? Who has inspired you the most?

Just great peeps. Getting down in the trenches with us, caring. We’re in good hands up there. I’ve picked up something from all who have been at the helm for a class.

Calories don’t count. Describe your most epic cheat meal.

Oh man. I’ve had a million hot wings in my life and can’t shake the urge for more. and scotch. scotch scotch scotch. here it goes down, down into my belly.

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