Progressive Gymnastics Development Clinic for CF Athletes

Fundamental Positions:

Highlight the fundamental body positions in gymnastics as well as the most effective methods for developing them

Explain how these positions transfer directly to improved technique in common Crossfit movements as well as their transference to other aspects of Crossfit

Gymnastics-based mobility and basic tumbling:

  • Highlight the unique and effective way that gymnastics training methods can help develop whole body flexibility, stability, and control
  • Wrist mobility
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Basic tumbling elements (primarily rolls)
  • Mastery of these elements ensures that training development is safe and effectiveHandstand Development:
  • Accessible and progressive development of handstand based skills
  • Handstands holds
  • Handstand walks
  • Handstand push ups


  • Strength development utilizing P. bars
  • Technique and drill work for skill development Rings:
  • Strength development utilizing Rings
  • Technique and drill work for skill development
  • Swinging skills
  • Muscle up technique work
  • Back uprise technique work (potentially)Bar:
  • Strength development utilizing Bars
  • Technique and drill work for skill development
  • Toes to bar techniques
  • Pull up techniques
  • Bar muscle up / kip technique



4 hours (includes 15 min break)

Time for questions at the end