Policies and Guidlines

Policies and Guidelines


Memberships and Credits

3 X a Week Membership: This membership allows you to attend the gym twelve (12) times in the month or the equivalent of twelve (12) Mecka credits. If you use all twelve (12) in a billing cycle, the option is available to pay ahead for your next month to continue taking class, or you must wait until your next billing cycle is charged. 

Unlimited Membership: This membership allows you to attend the gym “unlimited” days per week. This membership does NOT allow you to take classes back to back. Please see the “class attendance” policy below for more information on this. 


Class Cancellation

Our classes book up FAST! To be courteous to other members that want to take a class and you cannot attend, you must cancel your class reservation twelve (12) hours prior to the class to not be charged the $10 cancellation fee. 

Membership Cancellation

Memberships (excluding the Make It Happen Package Membership) can be cancelled at any time. All cancellation requests must be submitted via the Cancellation Request Form at the bottom www.meckafitness.com and www.crossfitmtlebanon.com websites depending on your membership. This MUST received fourteen (14) days prior to your billing processing date. Memberships require a minimum of 14 days written notice prior to the next billing due date to assure cancellation of your automatic payment. Cancellation requests submitted within 14 days of your billing cycle will result in a final payment drawn from your account on my established billing date. It is the members responsibility to provide the written notice 14 days in advance of their next billing date. No refund issued once a payment has been charged to my account. Your membership is terminated one (1) month after your final charged payment. 

Class Tardiness

If you are ten (10) minutes or more late for a scheduled class, you must choose another class to attend or take the next class. 

Class Attendance

We want to promote a safe, fun and healthy environment for members to thrive and reach their goals. It is not safe to take any of our classes in a back to back fashion except for MStrong and the Mecka Trifecta. If you would like to take more than a single class in a day it must follow the following format: one class in the AM (5:00am through 12pm) and one class in the PM (4:00pm – 8pm). 

Class Cancellations due to Circumstance

Classes can be cancelled at management’s discretion due to any and all unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to inclement weather, power outages, etc. If a class is cancelled, you will receive the credit back for the class that was cancelled. 

Parking Options

Parking is a first come first serve basis. Members may park in the front lot of Mecka Fitness, on the street while abiding by township rules, in the bottom lot of the St. Bernards Church, the parking garage or any other parking area within the vicinity of the gym. Parking is NOT available in the first ten (10) spots along side St. Bernards Church or at St. Bernards Rectory. 

Fitness Attire

Typical fitness attire is required to take any class at Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon this includes but is not limited to “fitness” or “athletic” type clothing, tennis shoes or similar footwear, etc. Sandals and flip-flops are prohibited to wear for class participation. 

Age Restrictions

To attend a Mecka Fitness class you must be 16 years of age or older. Any child younger than 16 must have a parent present to participate in a Mecka class. Any child younger than 10 must participate in our CrossFit Kids/Teen class. Age range for our CrossFit Kids/Teens class is nine (9) to seventeen (17) years old. 

Lost and Found

If you lose something – GREAT NEWS! We have a lost and found. It is located on the right side of the ramp that leads into the CrossFit room. If you need assistance on locating the lost and found, please see the front desk. 


We LOVE to have visitors! Please sign up online for a drop-in. The drop-in fee for CrossFit or Mecka is $20. To drop-in to a CrossFit class you MUST have prior CrossFit experience. If you plan on dropping in for a CrossFit class, please email dylan.snyder@crossfitmtlebanon.com or david.may@crossfitmtlebanon.com

Terms and Conditions

All Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon policies and procedures apply to all membership types including month to month agreements, personal training packages, and credit packages. The Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon staff and management team are responsible for enforcement of all policies and guidelines. Courtesy for other members, staff and the equipment at Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon is expected and required. Loud, boisterous or abusive behavior defined by the Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon staff will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with ANY policies or Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon guidelines will result in immediate eviction from Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon facility and/or revocation of membership with no refund. Mecka Fitness and CrossFit Mt. Lebanon Management has the discretion to change any policy or guideline at any time without notice.