We all have fears. It’s normal. They usually begin in childhood as our brains develop and we understand the consequences of life or learn of our mortality. Fears are usually quite simple but morph and change as we get older.

As a child I was afraid of having to perform on stage. I didn’t like adults looking and laughing at me. At four years old I broke my moms heart when I flat-out refused to do my ballet recital. Through the years I have had a fear of heights, a fear of flying and a fear of public speaking. I have worked through these fears with some success but I am not entirely comfortable with any of those things.

We all live with a certain amount of fear and anxiety and we can learn to cope and deal in a variety of ways. I have self-medicated, been (unsuccessfully) hypnotized, and made excuses by avoiding the fearful situation entirely. But what I have found is that by resorting to a quick fix or a total aversion has never helped me in discovering the real reasons I possess these fears nor provided resolve in overcoming them.

Fear prohibits change. Fear halts growth. Fear stalls progress. When you let your fears start speaking for you, you begin building a wall around yourself and your potential. You create a prison for yourself; limiting possibilities and opportunities.

Most of our fear is deep rooted from not wanting to be uncomfortable. We hate to not be in control and we hate to look and feel stupid. So rather than putting ourselves “out there”, it feels safer to retreat, sit back and watch others do the difficult stuff. But what kind of life is that?

When we decided to offer this Lebo Boot Camp to the community, I was messaged frequently and asked the same questions again and again. What can I expect? Am I fit enough to do this? Am I going to die? And statements like “I don’t want to be the weakest one in the class.” I can relate to these concerns because the unknowable is scary. The unknowable makes us anxious; and when we don’t know what lies ahead, we are fearful.

I am not going to lie and say that this is going to be easy or even that I will go easy on you. But I do promise you, that the scariest part of this process will be walking through the doors for your very first time. Do it anyway. As you size up your classmates and try to predict where you stack up against them. Refrain. This isn’t about you versus them. It’s about you versus you. When you see a workout that you are certain that you are incapable of doing, you will do it anyway and you will prove your fears wrong. Again and again.

Now is the moment to punch fear in the face. All egos will be checked at the door. Vulnerability is encouraged. Allow yourself to face this challenge without the worry of being judged. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is your time. It’s your guts over your fears.

I am so proud of you for taking this first step. You deserve it. Remember fear is a liar and on the other side of fear lies freedom. There is no stopping you now.